Bird is the Word, LLC

This company was started after years of witnessing persons calling 9-1-1 for issues related to common problems associated with healthcare whether it be chronic disease management or behavioral health who were not adequately educated on their respective conditions. People were diagnosed with a condition but not given adequate resources to manage that condition leading to a chronic issue manifesting as an acute problem requiring 9-1-1 services. This practice is expensive not only to the patient but their insurance company. This type of scenario can be prevented with proper management.

I have found that many times people just dont know what to do when faced with the diagnosis of chronic disease. Community Paramedicine programs also are known as Mobile Integrated Healthcare seek to assist individuals manage their chronic disease, however, these programs are not currently available in all areas. Thats where I come in. For the past three years, I have directed a successful Community Paramedic Program in Arizona even winning a national award as a result.
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Bird is the Word, LLC
Tangye Beckham
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