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Point of the Mountain Chamber

Point of the Mountain Chamber

About SiteSmash

"After six months, his only marketing strategy was five bullet points. Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Pinterest" she said exacerbated. "How could we hire a Director of Marketing who doesnt know marketing?

Most businesses are great at sales and service. They know they need marketing to grow but have no clue how to do it.

Which means they waste time and money trying to figure it out only to fail.

After running a Wordpress Development Shop for three years I decided to come back to digital marketing. When I left, it was SEO, PPC, and Content Marketing as the core disciplines. Three years later there were over 13.

If someone like me with prior digital marketing experience felt overwhelmed after a three-year break, someone with no marketing experience must feel finding, hiring, training and managing a marketing team an impossible task.

Thats why after 10 years of experience helping over 756+ companies navigate the digital marketing landscape we create a process to help businesses profitably grow with an in-house marketing team.


Software Companies - reduce churn & increase customer value
Food Producers - create raving fans & increase AOV
eCommerce Companies - maximize your customer value
Brick & Morter - take your business online

Our clients:
Hire Right - avoid imposters and wasted salaries on those who interview great but do nothing
Train faster - Faster training = faster results
Value Higher - creating a predictable growth process increases company valuation


>The Double Your Sales Growth Accelerator - develop a plan to double your annual revenues in under 90 days and empower your internal marketing team to continue that growth

> Certified Digital Marketing Professional - get trained in the 8 core disciplines of digital marketing in 12 weeks and build a portfolio of successes to prove it

If youre struggling with creating a digital marketing team, schedule a call: https://drift.me/chiefsmash