The Yoga Den (DBA of Patio Yoga LLC)

We LOVE Restorative Yoga. HOWEVER, we cannot allow the use of our cloth props without covering them because of COVID. When YOU BRING YOUR LINENS (3 pillowcases, 1 blanket, eye covering) we can offer Restorative Yoga at our regular class price.

When you use OUR linens we have to sanitize them, a cost we pass on to YOU. Effective IMMEDIATELY, NO EXCEPTIONS, LINEN RENTAL COSTS:

Set (blanket, pillowcases, washcloth) $8

Save the planet, your budget and our time and


We LOVE YOU and we care about the safety of everyone in our studio space.

Thank you
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The Yoga Den (DBA of Patio Yoga LLC)
Michele Blaho
772 Leeman Dr
Akron, Ohio 44319 US
Texting: YOGADEN to 72727
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